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Through precise analytics and forecasting, economics can help shape a better world.




Dennis Shen (沈洋) is a macroeconomist, currently a Director at the European rating agency – Scope Ratings – specialising in sovereign ratings. He is a contributor to the London School of Economics (LSE) blog.

Dennis believes in an interdisciplinary approach to macroeconomics and forecasting – one that marries international economics, political economy, social psychology, sustainable development, amongst other social sciences. Such an approach contributes to enhancing the holistic-ness of economic analysis, supporting more accurate research conclusions and policy prescriptions. A greater attention on the precision of economic analytics and forecasting, curtailing misinformation, supports the construction of more efficient global markets and higher quality economic governance.


Find here some of my publications for Scope Ratings, the LSE and Alliance Bernstein.

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Below displays several links to live interviews.

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